Core Values

At Hargray, we’re committed to living our mission statement of envisioning and delivering customer delight through unexpected customer and colleague interactions. We believe that our core values are essential to achieving this mission. These values describe how we approach our customers and our colleagues, and are the compass for our actions and future plans at Hargray.

Customer Delight

  • I seek to delight our customers by my unexpected actions.
  • I recognize that every single interaction with a customer leaves a lasting impression that I can make positive, thereby creating Hargray customers for life.

Continuous Improvement

  • I believe in the power of setting goals.
  • I seek to challenge myself and my colleagues to continuously improve our work,Hargray and our customers’ experience.


  • I take ownership of my own professional success.
  • I understand that our customers rely on us for services that are very important to them; therefore, I will ensure positive exchange of control in each of my internal and external interactions to ensure that our commitments to customers never get dropped.
  • I am responsible for identifying and driving improvements and for embracing and embodying our culture.
  • I am an ambassador for Hargray and accept that how I conduct myself outside of the workplace reflects not only on myself, but also on my company and colleagues.


  • I believe that passion and a positive attitude are the fuel for success and are contagious.
  • I have a “can-do” attitude and am willing to challenge the status quo when I see an opportunity to better serve our customers or my colleagues.

Congeniality and Collegiality

  • I create a work environment that is congenial by expressing personal interest in my fellow colleagues.
  • I create a work environment that is collegial by having an investment in my fellow colleagues’ professional development.
  • I treat our customers and my fellow colleagues with dignity and respect, even and especially when we do not agree.